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Drawing Hinako on Paint using mouse

Anime: Hinako Note

Original time: 1h 30min



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49 Replies to “✿【 SpeedDrawing 】 Draw Anime on MS Paint – Hinako”

  1. Not ganna lie but ms paint is way to easier to like draw cuz if you did tryed out the apps like photoshop or i dont know…
    If you like draw a line wrong you have to draw it again untill it will looks batter but ms paint is easy cuz you can change the line at the same time when youre drawing

  2. I got a project that i should draw in ms paint. I do know how to draw but using a mouse i cant since i dont have money to buy a drawing pad caus eim only freaking 11 i searched in youtube how to draw using onlt mouse then i found this. Sooo thanks for the vid its verry helpful

  3. Thank you for your uploads! You are really talented and make nice videos! I tried to draw some pictures for my songs after watching your tutorials and my drawings look much better❤️

  4. My digital art teacher told us that anyone who uses ms paint can’t create any good digital art and then I showed her this (she uses anime as reference all the time so she likes the style too) and she never told us that again we also sometime use ms paint as a challenge.

  5. Hi, i hope you see this, how do you erased the sketch pink? I dont get it, plis help, just I see you put all in pink but then I get lost, sorry for my english 🙁

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