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27 Replies to “10 – Bolero”

  1. monica: *swinging weird shell hair on chandler singing ride of the valkyries*
    chandler: what are you singing
    monica: bolero from ten!
    chandler: its ride of the valkyries by apocalypse now!

  2. …amazing movie…amazing scene…a movie fulfilled by Blake Edward's outstanding humour…because life it's too short to be taken seriously…as simple as that…

  3. Haven't seen this movie since before the internet and seeing bewbies was the biggest thing in the world. But I remember the sounds of her berets clicking as she was on top of Dudley. Man that was the naughtiest part for some reason.

  4. The English Comedians were from Surrey England sent to take over American Comedy. I would put the pressure on as they had to Act in Comedies and Films with Me the Queen and Chief Natalie Helferty from the Virgin Mary and the Rouge and Humber Indian Chiefs. I Am the Hollywood Royalty.

  5. I look at Both Derek here & I don't see anything so great about her body or looks, really. Cuz back then, Bo Derek was like the ultimate female. She's really just average..

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