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Getting to space is incredibly hard, expensive and needs a lot of resources.
A more efficient way to get there is a Skyhook (or Spacetether), an ever rotating cable with a counter weight, that catapults spaceships from earth orbit into the depths of space.
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42 Replies to “1,000km Cable to the Stars – The Skyhook”

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  2. Family from the future:
    Dad: Come on, We're gonna miss out flight!
    Son: Why cant we go to Mars. The moon's boring.
    Mum: Because Mars is too expensive darling.
    Daughter: Plugs herself into Instagram VR to talk to her friends.

  3. "So we have enough materials and money to easily make sky catapults to turn billion dollar projects into million dollar projects"
    'yea about that'
    "and if we do that we will gain access to multiple other planets and pretty much infinite resources"
    'that about sums it up'
    "and that would make civilization go through a massive boom basically benefiting everyone"
    'As you exactly said'
    "So people should be focusing on it?"

  4. Here's an interesting question: what are the effects of this "Skyhook" on our atmosphere?
    As mentioned in the video, the "Hook" would be at an altitude of 80-150km, therefore avoiding the ozone layer which is in the stratosphere as I understand. But what about the upper layers of the atmosphere? This "Skyhook" would be cutting through them like a knife. What would the consequences be, if any?

  5. Hey kurgesagt, I know your working on a video at the moment but I have a question, what would happen if our moon disintegrates? The reason I'm asking is because I've heard that scientists are saying that the moon is slowly getting smaller and smaller, you can ask scientists alot easier than I can

  6. I'd just like to say. Your tether is spinning the wrong direction. You can't travel to space, be caught by something traveling a mock 12 and suddenly spin the opposite direction.

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