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Song name: Bad Guy
Artists: 2Pac shakur
remix made by: MimoTupac

2Pac – Bad Guy (HD) Scarface – Lyrics


Gangster/mafia Movies used: Scarface, Training day, Menace 2 society

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HipHop/rap music Remix

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46 Replies to “2Pac – Bad Guy (HD)”

  1. Bad guy Merchandise online!
    Link in the description

    Part 2,3 and 4 online now!

    MimoTupac Merchandise/Clothing

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    I coudn't finish the last part of the video because my laptop crashed, so I had to put images in it.
    Hope y'all like this banger video with lyrics.

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  2. Too many years i survived hurt aside my peers till i hear these here i can honestly relate to each and every word the great say but for whom can save the ones stuck suffering the mess that gets left at us headed to graves missing my moments from back in the day wondering why we live to wither away

  3. You guys are a bunch of fucking assholes..because you don't have the guts to be what you want to need people like you can point you fucking fingers and say thats the bad guy

  4. Hold up scare face leave graffti mf got no fucks to give me g we running thru the streets and leave graffti fuck the mf police scar fucking fave in the fleash on the beat creep up cut ur flesh if u cross me g say hello tomy lil firemds

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