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Song name: Gangsta Virus
Artists: 2Pac, Ice Cube, Eminem & Tech N9ne
remix made by: Dj Mimo (2017)
Beat by: MixoMix

2Pac – Gangsta Virus (Ft. Tech N9ne, Ice Cube & Eminem) HD Lyrics


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Please watch: “2Pac – Bad Guy (HD) ”



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27 Replies to “2Pac – Gangsta Virus (Ft. Tech N9ne, Ice Cube & Eminem) HD”

  1. 2 years after makin this Banger, it is time to present a lyrical video for it. Enjoy!

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  2. Not impressive at all. chopping verses from 2PAC's hit em up, Techn9ne's bout to bubble, Icecube in The Shit by the D.O.C, and Eminem Encore is discraceful. Listen to the real songs and stop remixing. Anyone with a PC can do this shit. If you have skills then make up some original beats and get some unknown rappers to put verses down. You should be ashamed.

  3. Remember it's not gangsta rap that's the issue. Its them. There were would be nothing to rap about if it wasnt for the fucked up situation they created in the first place -ICE CUBE

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