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Song name: Westside
Artists: 2Pac & The Game
remix made by: Dj Mimo
Beat by: West Side – The Game

2Pac – WestSide Lyrics


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Hip Hop/rap music Remix

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Please watch: “2Pac – Bad Guy (HD) ”



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36 Replies to “2Pac – WestSide (Ft. The Game) HD”

  1. Re-Upload Westcoast banger with 2pac and The Game. WestSide remix, one of his new songs in the Born 2 rap album
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  2. Mimo bro. Could you may be jam a mix with Pac and Pun ??? Or may b a mix with Pac and Nas.
    Respect from your fan all the way in New Zealand.
    Thug it out cuzzy. Thug 4 life. 😎🎤👍

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