The fabulous Orchestra of Opera North appear from various corners of Trinity Leeds (UK) to perform a rip-roaring version of Ravel’s famous Bolero, to the …


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50 Replies to “A surprise performance of Ravel’s Bolero stuns shoppers!”

  1. 2.20 I laughed when that guy casually comes down the escalator playing his bass lol. I'm going start carrying a couple of spoons in my pocket when I'm out so I can just join in next time I see something like this.

  2. Hats off 2 the magician that got them there with that magic wand lol that actually was cool tho I feel like my anxiety would have kicked in If i were there cause that build up was tense and random people appearing from no where starting playing I'd pin my ears back and run bahaha

  3. Bello, maravilloso simplemente hermoso nada como disfrutar de una buena música con unos grandes músicos con una gran comunidad

  4. Beautiful piece of music, amazingly executed… and heard by people who may never attend a symphonic recital. Beautiful!

  5. Amazing, I live in Leeds were this took place in the Trinity Shopping centre, so wish I new, my mum would have loved this

  6. This piece was used in CLEOPATRA, for the scene where Elizabeth Taylor was carried in with a parade for the ages, who knew that all these years later her band would still show up and play this at the mall where she used to go shopping. After all, a lady likes her grand entrance to let others know that she's arrived… LOL!

    Seriously, this is one of those things which truly becomes a moment. Put your cell phones down (especially those shooting vertical), and "be" in the moment.

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