Abdullah Ibrahim Trio

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30 Replies to “Abdullah Ibrahim – Blue Bolero”

  1. Abdullah Ibrahim – Blue Bolero

    Track from the album African Magic by Abdullah Ibrahim, recorded live on July 13, 2001 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany. A Co-Production of RADIOKultur (SFB/ORB) and SWR. 
    Producer – Ulf Drechsel
    Label: Tiptoe ‎
    Bass — Belden Bullock
    Drums — Sipho Kunene
    Piano — Abdullah Ibrahim



  2. The song "Blue Bolero" was in 1957 a number 20 hit in Vlaanderen (Belgium)…  by Louis Marshall… nice melody… nice composition…

  3. Beautiful music ! It has inspired me to link it to this visual image "Bluesy" that I think matches it so well – google ' bluesy flickr ibrahim '

  4. absolutely gorgeous – interestingly I thought I heard a hint of another famous bass riff @ 1.23 from either a count basie or a duke e tune but just cant put my finger on it !

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