Andre Rieu performing the world famous bolero by Maurice Ravel at a Romantic Vienesse Night in the Telstra Dome in Melbourne.


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45 Replies to “Andre Rieu – Bolero (Telstra Dome in Melbourne)”

  1. Maurice Ravel was a reincarnation of mine, as Satan I wrote Bolero…orchestras needed a more defined Bolero, so in this Life-time I re-wrote Bolero on computer for this concert and Andre Rieu conducted…The orchestra needed timing to the Nano-second.

  2. I have listened to other orchestra preform Bolero but, none compare to The Johann Strauss Orchestra and Maestro Andre Rieu. I have listened to it many, many times and it is my favorite classical piece.

  3. A great and well rehearsed show – but it's a show – not a real orchestra …. it is all pre-recorded unfortunately …. backing tracks play at every concert …. he manages to fool many thousands every time [please find one single instance of a musical 'mistake' on any of his concerts or clips to disprove me … ] Thanks

  4. When I'm able to be free about my dayly obligations I always try to listen André Rieu… My PC permits me to listen him and his marvellous orchestra time and again.
    Lots of times I return to listen what I really prefer – Walts and Melodies – the point is to enjoy listening  and to feel happines profoundly in my heart. Thanks!!!

  5. Впечатляващ концерт~Андре чудесно води програмата сато успява да вкара и публиката в изпълненията и всичкостава приказно ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. I do love listening to Andre Rieu and his orchestra. they make classical music "fun". After taking the suggestion of some other commenters and listened to other version, I realized that I still like his version. Sometimes I find it "hard" to listen to classical music. His music is easy listening! And BTW I don't claim to be a classical music connoisseur but I do enjoy good music in any genre.

  7. muchas versiones,todas excelentes,esta maravillosa…………… Many versions, all excellent,this wonderful ……… bolero Ravell ……. beautiful

  8. I would dislike this. I mean the music itself is epic, but the performance of it – nope. the idea of Bolero is that the intensity is build up very slowly and steadily until the very end when it reaches the climax, while right here they are already blasting it in the middle of the piece. Yet of course, its a matter of taste

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