Ravel : Andre Rieu – (At the Movies album) – Bolero –
CD quality.

source: https://dahek.net

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29 Replies to “ANDRE RIEU – BOLERO – with DREAM HORSES”

  1. He plays really good that I love to hear him play like days when your in a good mood to hear lighten up your heart. 2019 still going strong.

  2. If it is posibble and somedody knows, Would like to know who did it? Who and how this video was done. Thanks in advance. Blessings!!

  3. Absolutely MAGNIFICIENT!!!
    Horses plus the sea, the sky, nature, the beautiful sound of this music played by Andre Rieu. What else I'm going to ask?

  4. El Bolero Rabel precioso e ilustrado con caballos ( el animal que mas me gusta ) y tocado por Rieu con su violín l
    LO MÁS……

  5. He escuchado muchas orquestas …pero esta es lejos la mejor en todo …sonido ..interpretacion….imamagenes .todo todo …lo amo maestro?

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