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ARCHIVIO IEM / Ravel’s Archive_ Bolero

Maurice Ravel, Bolero for Orchestra
London Symphony Orchestra
Cond. Valery Gergiev


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39 Replies to “ARCHIVIO IEM: Maurice Ravel, Bolero ( London Symphony Orchestra / Valery Gergiev)”

  1. I've always been asking what on Earth a conductor does in orchestra?! After listening to Bolero many times before conducted by Dudamel, Jansons, Mehta and so on I understood that this performance by Gergiev is the one that even Ravel would like himself… I can sleep relaxed now, as I understood the secret behind conductor's role!

  2. I believe the intro is from "Pictures at an Exhibition," arranged for orchestra by Mussourgsky. I would appreciate a correction if I am off-base here. Thanks.

  3. Fooled me. Starts with "Pictures at an Exhibition," composed by Modest Mussorgsky in 1874, arranged for orchestra. After several minutes of silence, it finally gets to Bolero. The conductor thinks he's cool with that scraggly facial hair, but I think he looks like a darned homeless bum. And, as others have pointed out, what is it with the toothpick? Anyway, it is a good, maybe great, performance of a piece that the composer, Ravel, thought would never be popular. How wrong he was. I just love it. Shows my plebian musical tastes…

  4. un anglais insensible à ce génie musical ???? il est qui ???, la réponse n' est surement pas en son intelligence culturelle????

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