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29 Replies to “Best Bolero Trombone Solo”

  1. 何この透き通りすぎな音。。。完璧すぎる。。。こんな音何年練習したら出るんですか( ; ; )

  2. Martin Wilson joue le solo sur un trombone simple, je pense. Et pour en revenir au trombone complet tous les solistes sont excellents, mon petit + va à Jörgen van Rijen, qui prend tous les risques sur les contre-ré bémols pour un résultat sonore à la fois dense et "déjanté" bien dans l'esprit "méchante blague" du compositeur…

  3. All wersions are fantastic,… BUT te difference is the conductor. Dudamel makes his own Bolero’s version and Ian go with him with this impressionant interpretation.

  4. Lots of beautiful playing here. Please also consider this late entry.
    The trombone solo starts at 7’58”

    It’s from 1994 but wasn’t posted until 2015. The fidelity isn’t great, and Maazel’s tempo is not as generous as Dudamel’s, but you still get a sonic sense of what is different when you respect the nature of Ravel’s ears and use a horn closer in size to the tenor trombones in France at the time. It looks/sounds to me like everybody in this bunch is playing on a horn big enough to have been a bass trombone to Ravel.

  5. Surely, Ian  is the best among this group. But I have heard several others who deserve consideration; and some of them, I do not even know who the trombone player was. A former Berlin 1st trombonist (whose name is unknown to me) was my all-time favorite, once. Has anyone heard Frank Crisafulli play that??? I have. Or Gordon Pulis? And so many others…Not against Ian in any way…Love him! I'm just saying, there are a lot of other great versions.Personally, I'd love to hear Christian Lindberg play that solo!(And Dick Nash, too. Sorry to all you who don't appreciate what I'm saying. No offense intended…)cm

  6. If you like it slow, ok Dudamel, If you like somebody who can sing on a trombone with a tremendous sound throughout the entire range: Jörgen!

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