bolero de ravel


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40 Replies to “Blast! – Bolero”

  1. 最初のフリューゲル吹いてるベン・ハーロフ顔も音も大好きすぎて中、高は毎日 今でもめっちゃ聴くしDVDも見る。同じリズムずっと刻んでてもここまで表情の変わるスネアは凄いよな

  2. I saw this in person 3 times in early 2000s. Coolest experience ever. They filled up the hall with sound. I'll never forget it

  3. I usually love these "Blast" arrangements, and I'm a HUGE fan of drum corp music, but let's be honest–performing Ravel's "Bolero" with no oboe is sort of like ordering a double cheeseburger, and then taking the cheese and bun off, and just eating the meat patty…

  4. I’m trying to find Tangerinamadidge. I’m very certain it’s from Blast! But it’s not on this playlist and it doesn’t come up anywhere else on YouTube.

  5. Marionetemanj, what does the second coming of Christ have to do with this clip from Blast? This is the wrong place for making your religious views known. We Christians know the truth. As long we know the truth then why force our views on people who have not found it yet? It just makes us Christians look bad. Just enjoy the video clips here on youtube, make a nice comment and move on.

  6. If someone arranged it specifically for them, I would almost certainly assume that the arranger could change the key as he/she pleases….
    And why would you make a big deal of the key in the first place? Just listen and appreciate!

  7. Several years ago I happened to catch the tail end of a televised performance of Blast! and they just blew me away. I was bummed that I mssed the beginning of the show but it was on PBS so they re-ran it immediately after. I then talked a group of my friends into seeing them live at one of the large Chicago Theatres when they came to town. Simply AMAZING! Not sure if they still tour live but I'd see the show again in a heartbeat. There used to be a DVD that was available for purchase.

  8. Hey, hey guys, I'm marching this along with Malaguena, Holst First suite in Eb, Harkstow and Grange, and other cool pieces. I know you band nerds are jealous.

  9. i was in this group- to respond to your curiosity the purple shirts are guard members and the horns they are throwing are thrift store unplayable junk horns

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