Yes there is life without naked horseback riding.


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35 Replies to “Bo Derek Bolero Of A Lifetime”

  1. テンが上映されていた頃は、たいして良い女優だとも思えなかった。ところが最近この動画を見たら、バックミュージックのせいかもしれないが、胸にジンジン響きます。全く感動的な女優。そして何故かKの事を思い浮かべる。

  2. She would have been the biggest Female sex symbol in history. She turned down everything hollywood offered her to make the movies with her husband. She was by far the most beautiful.They could not have picked a better woman for "10". She is stunningly perfect. Best eyes and bone structure in the business.

  3. 4:25 That was an awesome Lusitano Palomino Stallion Bo Derek got to ride!  I know this movie was nominated for Worst Picture at the Hastings Bad Cinema Society's 7th Stinkers Bad Movie Awards in 1984 but I loved the horses.

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