March of the dinosaurs to the music of Ravel’s Bolero.
Animation: Bruno Bozzetto’s Allegro Non Troppo (1976)
Music: Bolero (from CD Pictures At An Exhibition – Deutsche Grammophon)
Conductor: Herbert von Karajan


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38 Replies to “Bolero – Allegro Non Troppo (Re-synced) March of the dinosaurs”

  1. I came here from the 'opera imaginaire'. Animation like this together with classical music is a true masterpiece. I never understand why there are only so few works on the combination classic music – animation. Classic music is always so dramatic, so emotional and has such a big message. Such a big story to tell – and when it comes with animations like this, like in works of allegro no troppo – the animation fits this big, meaningfull story. All the hints an details – when the ape is walking with the masses all the time, and leaves all the creatures far behind as soon as he has 'fire'. Or even the start – creation of life from a cola sip, the humans (?) leaving the planet and all they left behind is a cola-bottle … with dramatic consequences. Fantastic!

    <3 thanks for uploading!

  2. Bizar that I never heard of the animation before….what a find. This is BRILLIANT.
    Disney made quite good use of classical music in Fantasia 1940 and 2000, but here Ravel's Bolero creates a truly vivacious effect. Forget Bo Derek! The animation quality is also excellent.

    I saw that the film did not win an Oscar or a Nomination for foreign production. In that year they only had an Animated Shorts category, and maybe it wasn't even send in to the Academy for competition. Well, I guess the Americans would not have been amused by this Disney parody anyway…

    Ma Non Troppo is only one sequence from that movie. I wanna see them all!

  3. I can’t believe it – I saw this on tv as a child in the 70’s and wanted to share it with my own child but could never find it. Thank you so much for posting this.

  4. A evolução das espécies na ótica de um músico e um cartunista. Sensacional como a música se desenvolve junto com as criaturas. Obra prima na minha humilde opinião.

  5. I watched this 40 years ago when I believed in the Theory of evolution and the "natural" origin of life. But after studying the science surrounding both I realised I was lied to and both are scientifically false.

  6. I have Allegro Non Troppo on DVD now I Need is the RCA Columbia Home Video vhs release because this movie is the Italian precursor to Walt Disney's 1940 classic Fantasia Bruno Bozzetto is the Italian Walt Disney

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