March of the dinosaurs to the music of Ravel’s Bolero.
Animation: Bruno Bozzetto’s Allegro Non Troppo (1976)
Music: Bolero (from CD Pictures At An Exhibition – Deutsche Grammophon)
Conductor: Herbert von Karajan


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38 Replies to “Bolero – Allegro Non Troppo (Re-synced) March of the dinosaurs”

  1. I came here from the 'opera imaginaire'. Animation like this together with classical music is a true masterpiece. I never understand why there are only so few works on the combination classic music – animation. Classic music is always so dramatic, so emotional and has such a big message. Such a big story to tell – and when it comes with animations like this, like in works of allegro no troppo – the animation fits this big, meaningfull story. All the hints an details – when the ape is walking with the masses all the time, and leaves all the creatures far behind as soon as he has 'fire'. Or even the start – creation of life from a cola sip, the humans (?) leaving the planet and all they left behind is a cola-bottle … with dramatic consequences. Fantastic!

    <3 thanks for uploading!

  2. Bizar that I never heard of the animation before….what a find. This is BRILLIANT.
    Disney made quite good use of classical music in Fantasia 1940 and 2000, but here Ravel's Bolero creates a truly vivacious effect. Forget Bo Derek! The animation quality is also excellent.

    I saw that the film did not win an Oscar or a Nomination for foreign production. In that year they only had an Animated Shorts category, and maybe it wasn't even send in to the Academy for competition. Well, I guess the Americans would not have been amused by this Disney parody anyway…

    Ma Non Troppo is only one sequence from that movie. I wanna see them all!

  3. There are so many inaccuracies that I will mention only one accuracy, namely that during the dinosaurs there were no trees and grass.

  4. I also thank you for posting this awesome song and video. It's year's since I've seen this, I believe I 10 may 12 years old. Again thank you.

  5. I can’t believe it – I saw this on tv as a child in the 70’s and wanted to share it with my own child but could never find it. Thank you so much for posting this.

  6. A evolução das espécies na ótica de um músico e um cartunista. Sensacional como a música se desenvolve junto com as criaturas. Obra prima na minha humilde opinião.

  7. Ahhh this is why people think we lived with dinosaurs! Literally different millennia of existence. Never even crossed paths! But sure dinos saw the pyramids lol

  8. Thanks for posting this. I remember seeing this on HBO back in the 80s as a child and being mesmerized with how everything "moved" to the beat of the music.

  9. Just watched this film for the first time today and this was one of the few times ive had to pause a movie just to cry some tears of joy. This film is a masterpiece.

  10. I saw this on tv approximately 1971 and loved it. I kept wanting it to be shown again but I never saw it again till this video. Excellent stuff. ??

  11. Been looking for this for ages. Now i need the "Land Of Yes" cartoon to complete my quest.

  12. I watched this 40 years ago when I believed in the Theory of evolution and the "natural" origin of life. But after studying the science surrounding both I realised I was lied to and both are scientifically false.

  13. So cool to have found this after remembering it from HBO. They would play short clips like this in between movies. Now to find “MiG alley”…

    Thank you!

  14. …add one more measure? The future for humankind (er earth)….thrive or demise? What is the fate of our pale blue dot? Any comments now mister Sagan? (rip)

  15. yes thank you for posting this! I was born in 71, and seeing this as a child left a lasting impact on me. Haven't seen it in perhaps 30 years.

  16. I have Allegro Non Troppo on DVD now I Need is the RCA Columbia Home Video vhs release because this movie is the Italian precursor to Walt Disney's 1940 classic Fantasia Bruno Bozzetto is the Italian Walt Disney

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