The Queensland Symphony Orchestra surprises a curious and enthusiastic crowd with a guerrilla-style performance of Ravel’s Bolero in Brisbane’s South Bank. The Orchestra relocated to the city’s cultural hub in December of 2012 and performed the pop-up performance to celebrate their move into a new state of the art studio.

The Orchestra’s conductor was Tecwyn Evans. The film was co-produced with the ABC.

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra is renowned for its high quality, breath-taking performances of both classical and modern compositions that engage audiences of all musical tastes, interests and ages. You can find out more about the Orchestra’s current season at


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37 Replies to “Building Bolero — The Queensland Symphony Orchestra Moves to South Bank”

  1. the smiles from the performers is worth the whole thing. well done and glad to see they enjoyed it as much as the listeners.

  2. Thus is so refreshing inspite ot what s going on on this world its msking as.ferl good of.all these pple .having time to make.others.feel good out of thier talent.thank u all althu this was long years back then .do it again.thank u. Im in far far away place any way .thanks to internet.

  3. Very cleverly done, but once the music builds up, it's certainly not recorded in the open, but in the good acoustic of the concert hall behind them. Regrettably, therefore, a FAKE.

  4. Happy 81th Anniversary to Maestro Roberto BENZI
    " The MOZART of the Orchestra Baton "

  5. One of the best Symphony Orchestra in the world.
    And we all can see that they love it to make us some fine moments.
    I like it very much.

  6. I play this video for my Hand Drum students to expand their idea of where and how drums are played as well as all the call and echos, call and response of the music, so similar to ideas embodied in African and other World drumming.

  7. On dirait la bande de Mozart in the Jungle ! La musique est encore meilleure quand les musiciens semblent avoir tant de plaisir. merci !

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