Plot Summary: 2019 Chinese Drama “The Legend of Qingcheng” is about the legendary story of Meng’s Family and Lin’s Family by the Yellow River. Six years ago, Meng Xianghe, the young master of Meng’s Family, married Lin Xiangyu, the daughter of Lin’s Family, under families arrangement. But he ran away after the wedding, So Meng’s Famliy had to agree a deal of compensation: If Meng Xianghe didn’t come back in six years, Meng’s Family would pay ten thousand of silver dollar and more than sixty thousand square meters of land to Lin’s Family. Six years later, Meng Xianghe returned with his new wife of free love. So he was involved into the hate and love of two families, and two wives. With his business talent, he hoarded a lot of hookahs, then became the richest man and the legend of Qingcheng. At last, when the long time battle seems to have an end, the big villain role just pulls off the mask…This Drama also named as “A Qingcheng Legendary” “Qing Cheng Yuan” “Qingcheng Yuan”

Produced: Bai Nian Hua Sheng, A Lai Ye, Zhong Yun Bo Yi
Director: Li Wei
Writer: Gao Xufan, Wang Zhujun
Starring: Li Guangjie, Deric Wan, Rainbow, Fu Jing, Wu Mian, Wang Jing, Qin Li, Zheng Qiang, Zhang Beibei
Feature: Romance Drama, ROC History, Legend
Episodes: 33
Year: 2011

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