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34 Replies to “DBSK – Bolero Live (BEST!!)”

  1. I’m here in august 2019 and think… maybe we can’t see them as 5 again? Because yoochun’s case makes him mostly end his career as an artist. I’m so sad for him ?? but I hope there’s a miracle……. only once is enough ? TVXQ as 5 is unforgettable, they’re true legends ?

  2. no kpop groups until now can beat singing skill of these 5..shit man..this song is so difficult to sing but they delivered it perfectly..i am waiting for the time when they stand together on the stage again cause i will be in the front row..

  3. This is my favorite song and video of TVXQ. Sadly, we can predict they will not re-union and stand on stage again. Keep this in memory. Farewell, Micky YooChun.

  4. From when I was still a child until I myself have a child….you’re still the sweet dream I want to see again….the time when all 5 of you perform together again….we’ll be waiting….

  5. no one to history has come close to this vocal line. No matter how much I am an Army now, my heart always belongs to the W in the sky.

  6. What went through SM's 'mind' during the split? Did they not care if three members left, tearing an amazing group apart?
    I found out about them after they had already been split up for a few years, then I went to find out what happened and found SM basically at the center of it. I feel bad for both sides, but I feel more for JYJ because they had to start over. I know that there probably isn't any chance of them all getting back together-if there is it's slim to none. But as a relatively new fan of DBSK, it would be nice.
    SM needs to stop destroying groups. If they want money, maybe they should go get jobs.

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