It took me ages but I finally finished this dual Intel Xeon, 48 Gb beast for under $700.

Watch to find out how this Frankenstein beast performs.

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28 Replies to “Dual Intel Xeon, 48Gb BEAST for under $700! (With Benchmarks)”

  1. Late to the party here, but I thought I'd offer an EE's opinion on your GPU fire.
    My guess is that your original PSU was FINE, and didn't destroy the graphics card AT ALL. Rather, the GPU had a SHORT which carbonized some of the pins (causing a "dead spot") on the power connector. When you DID manage to make contact through the power connector, you caused power to flow to the short, resulting in the fiery death of the Quadro (which essentially proves that the PSU was working).

  2. I know it has been a while since this video was uploaded, but PLEASE bend you knees when you life even something like the computer case at 00:21. Take it from someone who has 4 crushed discs in their back and one in the neck, your body will thank you for lifting by bending your knees.

  3. I made an acrylic dual xeon… I had to redrill the motherboard holes and cut bigger holes for the watercoolinh radiators… The hardest part was reconfiguring the bios settings lol

  4. Recently upgraded my Dell Precision T5600 from dual E5-2667's to dual E5-2689's. The 2689's can be obtained on eBay now for a steal (about $45 ea) given the newest Ryzen arrivals. It is now a beast even though I originally got the T5600 for free in a company decommissioning deal at work (Sept 2018).

    Instead of painting the side panels, I would recommend buying carbon vinyl sheets on eBay; the one's that come in rolls and are made for car exterior use. A nice, high gloss carbon fiber look really upgrades the appearance and converts the look from a drab work-look to a stand-out showpiece in a room. Easy to cut to size (you will have to cutout for the opening handle too) with a proper razor and plenty of colors to choose from. A good high quality roll of the material costs about $20 to $30 on eBay.

    As already mentioned in an earlier post…POWER SUPPLY capacitors will retain charge…so opening the PS without proper DISCHARGE can be a deadly short experience!!!!!!! Power down and wait at least a half-hour before mucking about connections to motherboard, etc. Pull the plug from the wall and ground yourself properly beforehand, too. A good rule…NEVER go into a case when there is power to the motherboard.

    NEVER open a power supply without DISCHARGING it first…otherwise, assume those beefy capacitors are charged and hot. They have enough charge to reset your heart in a bad way. To discharge…while the computer is on, leave the PS switch in the on position. Shutdown the PC in Windows. PULL the plug from the (wall or power-strip) socket. Attempt to power up the PC a few times using the PC on/off switch. This will discharge the PS capacitors by presenting them with a load. Now turn the PS switch to the OFF position (if it has one). After these steps, you can safely re-seat components and connectors or if necessary, remove and examine the PS internals. Use a volt meter to safely check the PS while examining its internals. BE SAFE and keep yourself grounded. IMO.

  5. I built a similar old server about a year ago. 2 e5-2690's, 32 gb ram, about $700 including a used rx470. The stock coolers were fine after I cleaned and lubed them. They weren't so good before hand.

  6. dear David i just found the best 16 core@3.2 GHz base clock 3.8 GHz boost clock dual CPU setup for roughly 772.68 dollars or less but i can't build it because i don't have the right budget for it so i am asking for your help you are my last hope i asked every one and i didn't get any help
    for more info here is my email if you wanna help me

  7. I own 2x Z820 and 2x Z600. They are great machines for workstation use, for rendering and 3d work, or for video encoding because of the high core counts. The only down side is the amount of power these things pull. It's massive. Great video. Cool I am seeing people picking these machines up now. Especially because if you look around, you can even find Z800/Z820 for around the $400 to $500 mark in the dual processor configuration.

  8. I was wishing it was 48Gigs of hard drive… that would be funny
    Anyway I have one machine with 1 Xeon X5680, It cna overclock but it gets easily at 90C with a bigger cooler and the north bridge reaches 130 at those speeds, so i think it's quite dangerous if you plan to keep the motherboard alive.

  9. I was able to buy two identical
    HP ProLiant DL360 G7 fully working for $140 a piece.

    -DDR3-1333 CAS 9 Tri-Channel ECC 24GB Memory;
    -Dual Socket Intel Xeon E5649 6 cores HT, total 12 cores 24 threads;
    -2 x 15,000 RPM SAS2,0 HDD;
    -2 x 460w PSUs;
    -4 x 1Gbps NICs;
    -1 x 100Mbps Lights out;
    -Bought another RAID card "HP P812" card for one server so I could use a HP Storage Works D2700 with it;
    -Both have the PCI-E 2.0 Riser card;
    -Plan on getting an AMD single slot low power GPU some day for one or both;
    –Might do an external GPU/PSU setup for a far better newer GPU but I really want to have it all internal;
    -Plan on using them both for hosting, backups, testing and dev, rendering, etc;
    -Plan on buying a rack mount case.

  10. I was given a couple of Z600 workstations and decided to use one for a game sever. They were said to be working, but missing ram, hdd's and some of the drive trays. I found drive trays on Ebay for $30 (enough to fill in all the missing trays on both pc's and have one extra). I wasn't sure if I could use non-ecc ram, so I got 24gb ddr3 1333 ecc ram for $90. I found the fastest supported cpu's for the mobo I had were X5570's and found a working pair for $18. I added a usb 3.0 card for about $20 and a $35 sata 3 card for running a ssd that I already had. Next was a spare 1TB WD Black hdd I had laying around for mass storage. It had a old Nvidia Quattro in it already, and for what I would be doing with it, that was fine. Grabbed a $14 win10 key and I was good to go. Makes a really nice dedicated game server for $207.00!

  11. I have 2x Z600 C2s the C2 is important as the motherboard takes the 56xx Xeon chips and uses 10600R Registered (server) memory which is a lot cheaper than standard 10600E ECC memory not registered. THese are quad core but you can get hex 6 cores as well. They are GREAT cheap machines BUT they weigh an absolute ton as there built to last, which from my experience they do. Advantage of the Z800 is it has 3 storage slots unlike the Z600 which only has 2. They are only Sata2 so its a good idea top get your hands on a LSI 9212 raid card (Cheap on eBay) this gives you Sata3 and add a SSD and they fly along quite happily all day every day !! Last time I looked the Z800 were a lot more expensive than the Z600 which can be bought for peanuts, be careful about postage due to weight. Only draw back is the psu is not the most powerful so this will limit what GPU you can use. and with the Z600 make sure its the C version and not the B else your limited to expensive and more limited amounts of Ram

  12. Basically on the benchmarks the cpu most likely handled everything well, and you would probably see better frame average with a bigger card like a 1080ti or something.

  13. I sold my dual Xeon 2687W precision workstation on ebay for around $550 with 64gb of ram and firepro gpu back in June. Performance wise, it was on par with a 2700x for most single threaded and FPS/gaming benchmarks while destroying it on multithreaded workloads, it did 2200 Cinebench R15 score. The only reason I sold was the power consumption, and how uncomfortably hot my room would get with it on. I don't really see the value in socket 1366 anymore Because 2011 & 2011-3 have come down in cost a lot while giving huge advantages in ipc and power consumption.

  14. I bought a Dell T7500 for $488. It has a dual xeon hex core with a total of 12 cores. It also have 16gb ram and a Quadro K4000. It is not overclocked and uses the default fans. Runs like a champ No issues. There is a slight connection issue when opening it up you have to ensure you fully seat the extra CPU/ram board as it will not boot but that's not really an issue when its in normal use. 😉

  15. Maybe not the first too mention i hope, but DONT OPEN YOUR PSU until jou read-up on how to service an PSU. Capacitors can retain power for a long time, and bridging components could break YOU or the PSU 😉

    Nice built though

  16. but what you can do with this Z800 that you can't with most Ryzen and i7 is use upto 3 full PCIex16 AND two PCIex8 – simultaneously !!!!!
    Ever wondered what happens when you add a PCIex8 M.2 NVME adapter and a 4-6 channel USB3 adapter or a dual/quad channel 1Gb Ethernet to a Z800 ? – you just guess or try 😉

  17. 12 Core, 24 Thread CPU for $80: The Xeon E5-2651V2 (yes, it's only 1.8 GHz but cinebench 15 = 1039) Smaller, Cheaper, Gaming Better

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