Paint, retouch and edit your 360 degree panoramic photos with Russell Preston Brown and the new 3D workspace in Photoshop CC.

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33 Replies to “Edit 360 Degree Panoramic Images in Photoshop CC”

  1. This feature is amazing but i guess its enormously hardware consuming. I have a system with GTX1060 GPU and mid level i7 HQ CPU, 16gb of RAM, SSD and while just dragging, it just waiting at least 10 seconds after i release the cursor. I need to say my panorama is around 13,000 px wide but still i think shouldn't be that slow!

  2. Russell, I'm wondering how you would do a contrast, sharpen or say a hue saturation adjustment without creating a seam when you export. Thank you.

  3. 1. you're talking to your viewers like we are children. 2. you pretend like you can straighten the horizon i PS CC but you can't. you only straighten it for the preview image, not for the actual 3D. That's not yet possible in PS. Catch up guys.

  4. hi, im wondering why the original file, specific one for example take it with a Theta V
    have a weight of 2.05mb and without modify anything… when i export the weight is 1.05mb. How can i keep the original quality. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the video. Great video. I'm on PS 2019 now, and Adobe still hasn't improved on this very kludgy solution. But this video did help, especially with the issue that you have to export the panorama again. You can't just save what you've done, and once you're in this 3D edit mode with an equirectangular image, you can't go back. It's very confusing indeed, and this video helped.

  6. I tried the 3D mode for panorama, but it eats up RAM and eventually gives a memory error. The memory doesn't get freed unless I close Photoshop and sometimes have to restart. I also tried replacing a square shaped sign from an equirectangular image, by using the 3D mode, dragging in the replacement square sign, then exiting back to equirectangular mode, but the resulting curved edges became very jagged. If I simply stayed in normal mode and used the warp tool, the edges stay smooth.

  7. If your 3D menu is greyed out or you can't click on New Panorama Layer From Selected Layer(s) , make sure:
    1) you're using an up-to-date Photoshop.
    2) you’ve enabled the Graphics Processor (by clicking on Edit > Preferences > under Performance tick Use Graphics Processor , press OK and then restart Photoshop).
    I hope that works for you as it did for me.

  8. Its almost as if they have created something in photoshop that is a half arsed attempt at a feature that other software does better. This is clunky as hell.

  9. Does anyone happen to know how to straighten a horizon? Mine is off by about 1 degree and I can't figure out how to straighten it.

  10. Too bad it only works with equirectangular 360's. Fisheyes don't. You'll have to convert your projections to equi to use this. Unfortunate that Pshop didn't give a source projection selection.

  11. I have a question about the edited 360 photos. I have got samsung note 8 phone. I can always view 360 photos in my phone when they are not edited. Once I perform any action in photoshop cc 2018, export panorama and transfer the file to my phone it does not allow me to view the pic in 360 mode views. Is there anything I am doing wrong when exporting the panorama? do you know what could be the cause?

  12. And now please tell me how to color grade a 360 raw image, because the raw filter (highlights/shadows etc.) don't fill the whole frame. Ugly stitch-lines on every photo. It really sucks!!!

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