The HD VIP camera view on Hua Chenyu at BBF Music Festival, May18 2019.
2019年5月18日成都比特节拍音乐节 华晨宇部分VIP视角高清全程

Translated by MarsTranslation
火星穿梭机 翻译制作

8 songs:
1. 我管你 I don’t Care
2. 斗牛 Bullfighting
3. 寻 Seeking
4. 蜉蝣 The Mayfly
5. 寒鸦少年 Jackdaw Boy
6. For Forever
7. 新世界 A New World
8. Why Nobody Fights

Credit to Migu Music

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14 Replies to “[ENG SUB][VIP VIEW HD1080P]Hua Chenyu-BBF Music Festival 20190518 FULL 华晨宇成都比特节拍音乐节VIP视角高清全程”

  1. 0:01 I don't care
    4:51 Bullfighting
    11:36 Seeking
    16:34 The Mayfly
    21:35 Talking + Jackdaw boy
    28:33 For Forever
    33:16 Talking + A New world
    40:17 Why Nobody Fights

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