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A 3D size comparison of all the KING KONG versions (1933-2017)! Hope you enjoy! 😀

Kong Broadway Theme recording by Ike Studios –

Rendered in Blender Eevee, edited in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition.


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37 Replies to “EVOLUTION of KING KONG: Size Comparison”

  1. So before King Kong show came it was sorta like the original kong was like the dad and the son of kong was umm uhh the son! and kong62 was like the mummy which is like supposed to be like uhh big and scary

  2. • Largest King Kong Ever
    King Kong in King Kong VS. Godzilla (1962)
    Height: 148 Ft / 45 Meters
    Weight: 20,500 Tons

    • Largest King Kong in Total American King Kong
    King Kong (MonsterVerse)
    Height: 104 Ft / 31.7 Meters
    Weight: 158 Tons

  3. Wait so why does this video show mechanakong though in the evolution godzilla it doesn't show mechagodzilla?????????

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