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Fast Putting Line on Spinning Reels – DIY spooling Tool – Thay Dây Câu Đúng Cách
Garis Puting Cepat pada Gulungan Pemintalan – Alat Pancing DIY


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24 Replies to “Fast Putting Line on Spinning Reels – DIY SPOOLING TOOL – Thay Dây Câu Đúng Cách”

  1. И еще,намотка без натяжки шнура или лески -это совершенно не правильно.

  2. научи кого-нибудь и пусть он показывает, а то не приятно смотреть на твои дрожащие руки .

  3. …and the first time you cast or let line out, then retrieve it, you've got line twist! The only way to fix it is to remove all terminal gear from the line, then let the line out behind a moving boat (forward!). Let out at least as much as you normally do while fishing. Slow the boat and reel in the line. Most of the twist will be out.

  4. ncaoai47=if you do put it on back wards or the line gets twisted from trolling,run all the line behind a boat ,,,just the line,,with no hook for 2 or 3 min and then reel it back in and it will be good

  5. ncaoai47=the way to put line on a spining reel is to have some one hold the line spool and aim it at the reel ,paper side towards the reel then you reel it on,,that way it is going on the reel the same way it is comming off the line spool,,,the other way pencil or what ever it will go on backwards and when the reel is full of line and you open the bail the line will come flying off the reel and snarl up

  6. This is adding to much twist on the line going on to the spool. Also, could have done this faster with a Berkley line spooler.

  7. If winding that line onto a spinning reel, that turns clockwise when winding, make sure the line comes off the top right of the spool lying flat on the contraption (as was done in video) – if you place that spool with the line coming off the top left, you're in for a lot of line twisting and bird's nests.

  8. Half fill a washing up bowl with warm water, float the spool in it, label side up, and wind onto reel under hand-tension. Warm water ensures that the line is supple and goes on tightly. Far better than this nonsense!

  9. I gave it a like, but I could have spooled my reel and caught 3 Bass in the time he took to make this. 🙂 Actually looks like a really good technique.

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