80’s overlooked hit.


What can I say
there’s an empty where your love
filled my life and I know.
That a part of you will always be
a part of me.

One summernight
and the sky is full of wishes
that won’t arrive.
How can I be
in a world without your eyes
to look at me.

No more Boleroes
No more nights to dance the dance of love
Only lonely hearts
no more Boleroes
I hear the song
and your arms always make me feel so warm
now you’re gone I’ll be dancing on alone.

No more Boleroes
No more nights to dance the dance of love.
Only lonely hearts
no more Boleroes.
(2 x)

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42 Replies to “Gerard Joling – No More Bolero”

  1. Well, I don't know what to say. What a sad ending to one of my favorite songs. Very nice song, very nicely done, and, very nicely done video, however.

  2. Tinha uns 8 anos agora que descobri quem e o cantor vou baixa agora me lembro da minha loirinha o chrischelly tenho muitas mais muita saldade de vc te amo minha nena

  3. Que lembrança maravilhosa… como fui feliz nessa época. Como a música me faz voltar ao passado com tanta ternura. 29/08/19

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