In this video I am looking to provide a solution for the following use case:
Traveling or isolated training classroom with a single server and multiple clients that is self contained and can deliver PXE boot images configured to load ghost standard tools boot disk and then create and deploy ghost iamges.
The server is an AD server and is configured for DHCP, DNS and AD and we will add WDS (Windows Deployment Server) to it and then install the windows ADS files, Windows PE files, and GSS 3.3 RU3 standard tools.
We go over adding NIC drivers to the boot disk creator and discuss ways to automation ghost from the command line so that it will join a ghost cast session automatically.
That is then packaged up and the boot.wim build from the ghost boot disk creator is then added to the WDS server and we pxe boot a client and discuss ghost cast server behaviors.


WDS prerequisites

installing wds in 2016 server

Installing wds in 212 server

adding wim file

ADK files


Steps to add drivers to the Boot Disk Creator 3.0 (BDC)
Last Updated November 02, 2016

Alphabetical list of Ghost switches
Last Updated July 19, 2019


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  1. Many thanks for your support us to benefit all about using ghost solution suite my question how can i use ipxe using WDS

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