Ein wunderschönes und gefühlsvolles Lied von Julio Iglesias. Eine wunderschöne langsame Rhumba. Seit über 30 Jahren liebe ich das Lied.

source: https://dahek.net

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44 Replies to “Hey – (Julio Iglesias) – Bolero Lento – Cover by Horia Ioan – Yamaha Tyros 4”

  1. Could dance all day to this music. Out of this world. Fabulous. Brings tears to the eyes. Oh to dance again!!!! T.Heslop.UK.

  2. One of my favorites. So relaxing and pleasing to listen to. My ears and memories thank you. When you play from your heart everything changes.

  3. The sound of the FULL orchestra is utterly amazing. One thing worries me. Because these fabulous copycat machines are so accurate, is there not the possibility musicians could find themselves out of work? I hope I am wrong.

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