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In Excel, you can password protect Excel workbook to prevent users to changing the structure of the Excel workbook. Excel workbook protection prevent users from viewing hidden worksheets, adding, deleting, moving, hide/unhide worksheets.

Imaging one day you forgot your Excel Workbook Password and you have no way to remember. In this video I will show you how to break the Excel Workbook Password Protection without using 3rd party software or VBA.

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45 Replies to “How to break Excel Workbook Password Protection without software | MS Excel Tutorial”

  1. When I open the .zip file, I get the following files:

    [6] DataSpaces


    Encryption Info

    I didn't get any xml files. I use Excel 2010, and my file is saved as .xlsx. Please help!

  2. I cannot read any of the pages he presents so I cannot find the areas he goes to that will allow me to unlock a work sheet. I increase the screen to 400%

  3. Hi, I forgot my password of an excel file and tried to unlock by using your method. But when I open the zip file, it looks different from your video. My file shows 'EncryptedPackage'. I have no idea how to open this. Can you help? Thanks.

  4. Hey JJ.. Therer is not lockstructure anywhere in the file. I checked it with notepad++ and the I copied the code and checked it in word as well. What to do now?

  5. I tried, itworked on protected sheet but not for protected workbook. It show error while opening zip file. I am using excel 2016

  6. Beautiful, it worked like a charm. My scenario was a protected worksheet , not the workbook, and I followed JJ's steps, and bingo!!!! All the options when you right click on the sheet tab of the protected worksheet were all available. But worksheet is still password protected…
    But I could copy it and paste it on a new sheet and dumped the protected sheet and worked fine. Thank you

  7. amazing just make sure when you delete it in the notepad that you do the entire thing sheet protection scenarios, objects, sheet, spincount, saltvalue, hashvalus and algorithmname

  8. I did not find lock structure tag while open with NotePad whereas my file is still protected. Please Help. Thank you

  9. Great Video – But it doesn't work – When I make the file a zip file and look into the folder it only has the compressed xls file ??

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