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How to Create Watermark in Adobe Photoshop CC


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28 Replies to “How to Create Watermark in Adobe Photoshop CC”

  1. i actually like to bevel and emboss my watermarks and then add drop shadow etc…plain watermark is boring, so anyways while it was 400 it got all creepy and didnt look that good after i placed it. perhaps hold shift while i drag it up or down to mantain the quality….i dont have a mac so dragging stuff is a pain.
    Thanks for the video

  2. You certainly understand the process of creating a watermark! However, you seem to mumble through the process, instead of speaking in clear defined steps. Think about it

  3. Photoshop is a great tool for image retouching and manipulation, really complex. But when it comes to watermarking photos I prefer an app particularly designed for this purpose like for instance PhotoMarks.
    It just makes things easier.

  4. so what if you are using Lightroom for your photos but Photoshop for your Pictures..? How do you use the watermark you created in PS on the photo you edited in light rooM??

  5. Pretty concise tutorial, except for the mumbling and low narration volume. Might have also touched on inverting the signature to change it from black to white if applying your watermark to a dark photo. Other than that, good job. I was successful in creating my watermark using your instructions. And I have never used PS before this.

  6. WHO THE FUC K is Karlie KLOSS and i why have to watch her in EVERY ^%&&$&$#%&#$%&@#@$%!@#%!@#$^#!$^#!$ Video? WiX FOAD! Other than that… great tutorial. Thank you.

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