How To Get For Free Direct X 10 For Windows XP Only Request By Deadlypanos Go Check His Channel Winrar(You Need It To Extract Files)

Direct X 10 v2 For Windows XP Only Media fire Link:

Rapid-share Link:

Deadlypanos’s Channel:


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40 Replies to “How To Get For Free DirectX 10 For Windows XP”

  1. @YoCrewAdmin I am sorry what? Windows xp is microsoft at their finest. Vista is a worthless piece of crap and Windows 7 runs off of windows xp's code.

  2. @BF2FanNo1 , do you have a Nvidia card ? There will be a driver control panel to see the setting that have been saved . It will tell you which direct x you are using .

  3. @GiGanTaKoS You never asked ourself why Just Cause 2 can't be played on Windows XP? It's because XP DO NOT support DirectX 10, forget it. You can try installing it, but you can't RUN it. Buy yourself Windows 7… -.-

  4. @GuitarHeroBoBo ah, God damn. Why did someone make that shitty xp system. I would seriously like to puke on the xp system! Just cause 2 was my dream, I had one mission, to play Just Cause 2 on my computer, but then, when I bought the game, xp ruined my dream. It's a war, between me and xp, I will rise again, and then I will beat xp, and take a huge shit on it! peace

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