The Photographers Logo and Watermark Toolkit:

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how to make your photography logo or watermark in Photoshop. You’ll learn some great places to get free fonts, as well as how to make your logo unique and something that fits you and your style.


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50 Replies to “How To Make Your Own Photography Logo and Watermark”

  1. I was interested in the copyright logo once you brought it up. Do you go more in-depth about it in the tutorial? Thank You.

  2. So youre not even using your own handwriting? Don’t know what I feel about that… seems fake, especially when everyone thinks its the artists handwriting… so now everyone could have the same handwritten signature? Weird.

  3. How about a way to put an effect on the signature? I tried putting a sig on a pic and there was no single color for the sig that worked well. I tried going back and adding an Outer Glow effect to the sig. It looked good in the sig file, but when I "brushed" it onto my photo, it was all black and kind of fuzzy. I think the red glow I had applied translated to black when I brushed it onto my photo. But, I could not figure out to preserve a black sig with a red (or other color) outer glow.

    Otherwise, great video. Thank you for making it and sharing it! My LR batch exports already look a TON better! (and it seems like when I use the exported PNG as my LR sig, it is being applied as black with a very thin white outline, so it stands out no matter what color the pic is that I apply it to)

  4. Very helpful! I don't have photoshop, I have the Corel version but for the most part I was able to adjust for the differences! this was very well presented! The info on where to find the fonts and such was great too. I would like to purchase the tutorial, but not sure since I don't use photoshop.

  5. As always Matt a great tutorial. Sadly, I have issues. 🙂 I created the brush, the size isn't any bigger than 2500px, and I can stamp it on to an image but for some reason I can barely see the signature. It's as if there's an opacity slider turned to less than 50% somewhere. The area of the image I'm testing it on is mostly dark, so the colour of the signature is white. But it still shows up kind of grey. Any thoughts?

  6. Wonderful video! I just have one question, is there a way of saving the logo in Lightroom at all? So when you export photos the logo can just be uploaded in bulk amount of photos?

  7. @ "if you misspelled your name, you got bigger problems and working and worrying about non-destructive…" You, Sir, have gained my sub just for that realness! LOL

  8. It may be destructive or it may be nondestructive, either way it totally destroyed my brain. Superb. Thanks a zillion.

  9. Thank you so much for this tutorial. One quick question, what is the best way to save this so I can add it as a watermark on Lightroom?

  10. For as much as 'signing' photos and videos are common in your line of work how, much do you have to worry about people trying to 'forge' or otherwise duplicate your visual signature?

  11. In the great words of Ron Weasley: "Cool. Wicked".

    Who would have ever thought of manipulating the signature graphics rather, than accepting it in, traditional 'As-Is' format. For those over a certain age you should be kicking yourselves (figuratively speaking). You all should have remembered your time in (old fashioned / unfashionable / virtually non-existent) typing class when, your teacher talked to you about, 'kearning'. You know that abstract sub topic that explained how to use the spacing bar, button, or lever on your IBM Selectric typewriter. Yes, well…….it was about that time in the lecture when your teacher explained to you that line spacing and word spacing actually had a name. It wasn't just a function you performed with your (god forbid) electric typewriter. Just a bit of nostalgia for those wanting a little laugh. SMILE.

    Very informative video for those who are technologically challenged. Learned a lot by watching you. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I understand the benefits of having this as a brush on photoshop, but what if I want to use the signature for a website

  13. When I get to "define brush preset" it is grayed out and not an option?? (I went through comments below and found Matt's reply that image size can't be over 2500 pixel.)

  14. Thanks Matt for the step-by-step instruction. I just subcribed to your channel. Everybody should subscribe
    too. Easy to understand

  15. That’s one of the best tutorials I’ve come across….. most are usually a huge ego trip for the over excited presenter, but here Matt has given a highly informative solution to a useful topic….. I’ve saved this…. unlike most tutorials which I consign to the rubbish bin! 👍👍👍

  16. This is to everybody that is a photographer who shares images online. 
    I have to say this is Great for a Logo, as a watermark on Photos in 2019 is Just a waste of time with content-aware in Photoshop and many other editings app to clone stamp tool. If someone wants to steal your images you cannot stop them. If they don't know how to use any of the methods above the crop tool will do the job.
    Metadata is your friend. Unfortinily there are workarounds to that.
    The other way to possibly catch someone using your images and or saying it's their work is networking and hopefully, others who know your images can inform you.
    Even well-known Photographers gets their images stolen.

  17. For signature water markings,thre s No perfect Tutorial than this on YouTube ,,perfect,clear explanation ,,great work 👍👍Sub

  18. Nothing really new here for me but I do have a question. I've scanned my own actual signature for this purpose but I'd really like to be able to change the font for it. Don't suppose there is a tool out there yet let's you do that with your own sig.

  19. Excelente tutorial, me ha servido muchísimo para hacerlo con mis fotos que publico en Instagram, muchas gracias por compartir tu conocimiento con la comunidad. Tienes mi like y mi suscripción también.

  20. hi there!! for some reason when I try to click define brush pattern that isnt available to click. only the pattern is. what am I doing wrong? thanks!

  21. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for this video.
    I am interested to know which type of a video camera did you use, in order to record this video, as it is one of the best quality that I have ever seen so far.
    I am looking to buy a new video camera and I would like to buy the same type that you used here.
    Thanks in advance.

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