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In today’s tutorial I teach all of you Photographers how to make a really cool logo using Photoshop and some free fonts. This is a beginner tutorial so you really don’t need a ton of design experience to make your own logo. Enjoy and make some cool stuff!

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21 Replies to “How To Make Your Own Photography Logo In Photoshop”

  1. Watched your video a couple of times. Loved how it wasn't very long and to the point. I did have some trouble resizing the logo and went back a few times on your video and couldn't quite figure it out but I found the free transform button. Thank you for taking the time to create the video. Anyone else with negative comments want everything handed to them.

  2. I got stuck on grouping the layers… Didnt explain that part very well for someone using photoshop for the first time. I group them but they dont move as one, they are still seperate..

  3. Oh thank you for your tutorial didn't know it so easy. I struggled to start with the logo because I thought it would be not so easy!! I just started with my logo after this video 😊😊😊 and btw yes u cant please everybody. So let your videos just be you!! Being yourself is totaly fine 😊

  4. This video could have been useful but there is so many quick steps you take for granted that the novice Photoshop user does not understand. You probably need to explain grouping, selections, basic horizontal type tool settings, etc.

  5. Hey Charley, I don't know who is complaining but I think you did an phenomenal job explaining. I really like how you gave the simple photoshop steps and the regular steps as well. Thank you!!

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