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I am a student, which means I’m still going to school 5 days a week, + I work hard in a restaurant to pay the bills. Since I love mixing oldschool songs, I can’t stop doing that, so I have to make time for that too. That means I don’t have much time for the other things I love and my friends. This message is ONLY for the people that can afford to help me.

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Song name: West Side Problems
Artists: tupac shakur, Ice cube
Made by: Mimo , Mimotupac1992 ( me )
Beat: Go to sleep ( By Eminem, 50 Cent ( G Unit ) )

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38 Replies to “Ice Cube – WestSide Problems (Ft. 2Pac & The Game)”

  1. 2pac for life…..about to spin this bitch I'm in this bitch
    Don't want no problems yoll fuck around pull out the problem solve…

  2. Ice cube is a true G and a good rapper and my homeboy dj mimo keeps bringing out some great tunes keep it up
    Don't won't no problems yoll fuck around pull out the problem solve…

  3. This mix is incredible gangsta rap tribute to the mood of the nineties. I find this take great we need a remake. Why should this be less fantastic than a 2019 tribute it is tested enough valuable stuff compared to the mumblerap shit of today: Remixes are kind of Zombie-Rap, so I say: They thought 90's are dead but they are ahead of everything nowadays played: Classics 4 ever! ((approved by endgame opponent of Golden AXE Mr. Death Adder) )

  4. Самый лучший!!!!! Красавчик!!!! Айс старая школа!!! Олд скул!!!!!

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