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The iPhone 6s plus and iPhone 7 are very good phones, so how do they compare in 2018? Let’s find out!

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25 Replies to “iPHONE 6S PLUS Vs iPHONE 7 In 2018! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. Guys please help me. I don’t know what should i choose. I am an iphone 5s user from ph and I’m planning to buy an iphone 7 128gb or iphone 6s plus.
    I like playing games. Iphone 6s plus has better screen and battery, but iphone 7 has much better performance but small screen size and battery. Sometimes i use social media sites specially yt. Sometimes i edit pictures on my phone.
    But i always play ros, pubg and mobile legends. I have powerbank always beside me. I like iphone 7 design than ip 6s plus. But the screen always keeping me thinking.
    What should i choose?
    And my most important question is,
    Should 4.7 inch display of iphone 7 is good for gaming, (i play on my iphone 5s and its fine to me)
    Please answer m question please
    Thank you
    -sorry if I’m wrong in grammar, im a pure Filipino.

  2. Perfect. I also appreciate a review video where the reviewer isn't shouting at the top of his lungs the entire time. I made my decision. Thank you! PS _ i think I supported you? I went through your affiliate link, but upgraded to a 64gb. Either way the price was less expensive than the one I'd actually been looking at.

  3. I would get iPhone 6s Plus because
    1. Headphone jack
    2. Headphone jack
    3. Headphone jack
    4. Headphone jack
    5. Headphone jack
    6. Headphone jack
    7. Headphone jack
    8. Headphone jack
    9. Headphone jack
    10. Headphone jack

  4. I currently have the iPhone 6 and I have been using this Phone for over 2 years now and I had a hard time choosing between the 6s plus and 7 but because of this video I am gonna be buying the 6s plus!!

  5. I’m thinking of getting 6s plus and sell me iPhone 7 orrr should I sell my iPhone u and try to get the 8 with the money or something but I do want to have a plus phone for once

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