In this video, sakitech will do a full comparison between the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus. Whether you are trying to upgrade from the iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone 6S Plus, or just trying to decide between the two, this is the ultimate video to watch the full and complete comparison.

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22 Replies to “iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 6S Plus Full Comparison”

  1. December 2019. I’m a Android user. Would have been a iPhone user but when the time came to get my first phone I couldn’t justify the cost of an iPhone. I barely afforded the POS Android phone that I had.
    Today phones android and iOS are much better than they were in those days, and the price on Androids have gone down while the quality has gone up. iPhones the price has remained almost unobtainable for many people. Even used iPhones are crazy expensive.
    Take my recently purchased used but in great shape iPhone 6sPlus, it still does everything. I also have a 7+, 8+ and Xr. I mention the other phones as my point of reference. I am familiar with the operation of most of the newer iPhones. Though not the 11.
    The 6s+ runs just fine. If you are looking for a smooth fast stable phone that does everything you need it to do. Unless you just feel the need to spend more money than you need to. A 6s+ is a great phone even in 2020. If you buy one, be sure to get what covers your needs, true for any phone purchase. I always use to run out of memory in the early days so now I only purchase 128 or more. Like apple or not, they have designers that can build a device with well balanced equipment. Software to hardware balance is probably the best there is. What do I mean by software to hardware balance. Most iPhones have processor and ram capacity about half of most androids these days yet still manage to be just as fast, just as capable, and run longer on a smaller battery. Apple is anything but generous.
    They also tend to over build their products. This is why Apple killed so many of the older iPhones and iPads with their battery throttle BS. I had a iPad two, for 6 years or so and it worked perfectly up until that fateful last update that throttled the processor or ram or both. And it killed battery life by 50%.
    Our problem was buying Apple. Their problem was making them to last. So they had to put a bunch of that older hardware out to pasture early. Force people to buy new stuff. Sales were down, they had to do something. Things being what they are, a few days from 2020, they are still over building, and the 6s+ is proof of it. It boots to home screen faster than the 7+, 8+ or Xr. And still runs just as smoothly, though not as quickly, older phone has less ram and slower processor. But still plenty fast.
    I’m not a Apple fan and never will be. But I love my iPads and the iPhones are growing on me.
    If you are new to iPhones and have the opportunity to get a good 6s+ for a reasonable price. I say do it.
    They are just as good as any other iPhone, and there is rumor that it may be getting ios14. Even is 13 is as far as it goes, it’s a fine device, and there are millions of older iPhones out there that only went to 12 or 10 etc and are still being used without issue.

  2. Personally-
    I am not at the point that I need a phone but this Samsung tablet is getting pretty slow and I want something that's way easier to carry around plus a decent size at the same time and to be able to play music where ever. Without service and just WiFi usage. But this is just dream and I'll never get one of these.
    edit- An iPod would make since but I am not satisfied with the small screen. I know that's not what it's all about but that's a big thing to me

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