Here is a very interesting comparison between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S Plus – both of which are rocking 12mp cameras!

Check out the photo & video comparison and let me know which one you prefer.

Also, stay tuned for the iPhone 7 Plus vs iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus comparison!

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49 Replies to “iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus: Camera Comparison (Photos & Video) | iPhone 7 Camera/Video Quality Test!”

  1. Honestly I'm fine with the 6s+ I'm not really the picture type plus I just lighten up photos if I ever take any 6s+ and 7 are pretty much the same otherwise besides size, I personally prefer bigger phones as Well so yah=)

  2. You can see the iPhone 7 doing is 'smudging' effect on the clouds, I had 2 of them and they are terrible fir doing it to my dogs white fur, I went back to the 6S because it doesn't do that! The new algorithms are messed up on the 7. I've not tried a 7 Plus though.

  3. Honestly. I'm having skin tone.. pictures of my kids.. issues with 7 Plus that I didn't with 6S Plus. Been trying to figure it out. Possibly when 2 lenses are 'working together'. Isolating a lens seems to help but still not that good. Images of non humans in good light can be stunning with 7 Plus.

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