Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson joined University College Dublin’s Q-Soc for an exhaustive interview / Q+A covering his career as a child in Batman Begins to life on the set of Game of Thrones, playing the villainous King Joffrey Baratheon and writing and performing with own theatre group, Collapsing Horse Theatre Company. Moustache?

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01 – What was the audition process for Game of Thrones like? 00:00
02 – Did you know about Joffrey’s reputation from the books? 01:11
03 – If you weren’t starring in it would it be the sort of thing that you’d watch? 01:46
04 – Who would you say is the ‘King of Banter’ on set? 02:12
05 – What has been your favourite scene to film? 02:57
06 – Is there anything that Joffrey wouldn’t do? 03:38
07 – Is there anyone on the set who is quite like their character? 04:09
08 – Why are you considering stopping mainstream acting? 05:09
09 – Tell us about the Collapsing Horse theatre group 05:59
10 – Do you like business aspects of Theatre Production? 06:56
11 – Which part of yourself in real life would you relate the most to Joffrey 08:18
12 – What part do you most empathise with Joffrey? 09:15
13 – Where do you see yourself in ten years time? 10:14
14 – Do you really want to study ancient hebrew? 10:54
15 – What is your favourite word? 11:47
16 – What is your least favourite word? 12:20
17 – What turns you on creatively, spiritually and emotionally? 12:43
18 – What is your turn off? 13:13
19 – What is your favourite curse word? 13:33
20 – What noise do you love? 14:19
21 – What noise do you hate? 14:33
22 – If heaven exists and you end up there, what would you hope god says to you? 14:55
23 – How did you get the role of little boy in Batman Begins? 16:14
24 – Can I get a picture with you before my next lecture? 16:46
25 – What is it like being an unknown actor and having famous actors coming in and out of the show? 17:18
26 – Do you plan on reading the rest of the books? 18:13
27 – Who do you hang out with most on the set? 18:31
28 – Have you seen the youtube montage of you being slapped for 10 minutes? 19:25
29 – Do you think or do you know if Joffrey will find out the truth about his parentage? 19:52
30 – What did you do with your first pay cheque? 20:32
31 – What is the craziest thing a fan has done to you, for your or at you? 20:48
32 – Barring age or gender restrictions, what other character would you like to play on the show? 21:19
33 – Where did you film in Croatia? 21:46
34 – Is Daenerys as hot in person? 22:18
35 – Do you think you could convince Kit Harrington to come to Dublin? 22:35
36 – Do you have a girlfriend? 22:53
37 – Do you have a boyfriend? 23:13
38 – How do you manage to be so despicable in the show? 23:27
39 – Can I get a picture of you with this on my head? 24:08
40 – What will you miss most about filming the show? 24:41
41 – Have there been any pranks on set? 25:33
42 – What is it like working with George RR Martin? Does he have a big input into the series? 26:52
43 – Do you have any stories of an experience where someone has failed to distinguish between you and Joffrey? 27:25
44 – You said you are into creative writing, what sort of writing have you done? 27:54
45 – It’s very well known that actors use past experiences to help them out with scenes, to make them more authentic and stuff, have you ever shot a prostitute with a crossbow? 28:23
46 – Is there any character that you’d love to play a scene with even though Joffrey never actually meets them in the show? 29:02
47 – Was it as emotional for you as it was for me when you killed Ned Stark? 29:37
48 – Is it true that you based your performance of Joffrey on Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Gladiator? 30:13
49 – Did you ever get to hug Batman? 30:49
50 – Is there any other TV series that you like? 31:07
51 – When is your next play with Collapsing Horse? 31:27

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25 Replies to “Jack Gleeson aka King Joffrey from Game of Thrones answers every question ever…”

  1. Funny, when Joffrey died I was happy. When Tywin died, I was sad. When Tommen became king, I missed Joffrey. When Season 8 ended, I was happy Joffrey and Tywin died long before they could be ruined as well.

  2. 27:25 in indonesia there was this actress who played so well portraying scumbag character, the people hated her so freaking much when she went to the market people start throwing rotten eggs, tomatoes, etc at her.

  3. Is unreal to hear joffrey talk about emails and not being the most hatefull creature living ever. This guy here, super amazing actor, i may even have some residual hate towards him, but just because he's such a damm good actor.

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