UDO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2006 Live at Fuji Speedway 2006.7.22
Jeff Beck (g)
Jason Rebello (key)
Randy Hope-Taylor (b)
Vinnie Colaiuta (ds)

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36 Replies to “Jeff Beck – Beck’s Bolero”

  1. Jeff inspired me to play guitar. Virtuoso. Got to shake hands at Fillmore west. Heard this first in a basement in Palo alto in 68. Omg…

  2. I bought the CD from this performance last week. Watching the video brings me to tears. I don't know how many times I listened to this as a kid,. But, WOW! This really brings to life the magic in this tune!

  3. The guy is nuts talented. What's also good about him: He knows he's not a great singer, and doesn't try to be. I think he's tried once in his professional career to sing on a record.

    He accentuates what he does best and dominates it.

  4. to truly get what Hendrix was about checkout the video that was released of just his set at woodstock and with a clear head checkout the ease!!! in which Hendrix could just simply wrap his hands around the entire neck of the guitar!! combined the ideas that he had which were simply unreachable at the time because of the technology back then and that he died at a young age!! you simply are just underestimating the enormousness of what Hendrix was as a guitarest, the equivalent that i could relay to you would be like in sports like a Michael Jordan or a Bill Russell or a Lebron James, lets say Lebron dies this year for some reason does that make him any less of an awesome basketball player because he did not have the same body of work a a Michael Jordan??? or a Larry Bird??? Hendrix was as groundbreaking as the Beatles were and had he lived the entire landscape of music as we know it would have been entirely different!! he was that groundbreaking and a one in a lifetime of a musician, and i don't know if your old enough but i'm sorry if his music as is hasn't had the same impact on you that it has on alot of us out there!

  5. Beck is a unique guitarist. Just maybe the best.  He's a thriple threat: thumb picks, the slide and the whammy bar, can't beat his style. He's been unbelievably consistent since the Yardbirds. Keep on rocking Jeff.

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