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40 Replies to “Ji Hyo, Did Your Heart Flutter More When Gary was Here? [Running Man Ep 437]”

  1. I was too late to watch running man when Kang Gary was still part of it. As I watched the episodes from its starting date, I find him very fit on the show. I cried too when he decided to leave the show for good and I was very sad to know that he chose not to get in touch with them for some reason. I'm hoping that he would at least be on the show even just as a guest.

  2. But come to think of it. WHAT IF…only WHAT IF…Gary and the members started communicating again but they're just pretending like nothing on the show.~ How I wish!

  3. The best version of RM is when the old members was still there including Song Jong Ki. I'm not yet moved on with the fact that 2019 is about to end but our Kang Gary won't come back, hope he can for the fans and for the members.

  4. I think a lot a people may don't know, but Kang Gary got married very quickly to his wife (5 April 2017) and a few months later, she gave birth to their son (17 November 2017) … obliviously she was pregnant when they got married. In korean culture, people criticize you if you have kids before to get married, plus he is a celebrity, his carreer would have been done if he had a child without to be married. I think he kept contact with all members but if they don't want to be center of attention of medias and all, they had to lay low… and they choose the solution to be distant in public and on social media… to avoid questions… sorry for my english, i'm french

  5. But her reaction tells a lot of their past. I’ve followed them since day one & i still believe they had something. It was really obvious in the earlier episodes.
    Idk what happened later on, they only had a normal oppa/donsaeng moments. Haha could’ve prolly compared jong kook with other actors she had “ rumours “ with. But he chose gary. It tells a lot, since they’re family.
    Ji hyo was hurt, jihyo is hurt. You can clearly see it in her face & the way she answers the question.

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