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41 Replies to “[KNK Super Live in Tokyo] Bolero (Song by KNK) / 원곡 동방신기”

  1. I just came across a link to this. A someone who loves the original OT5 member group TVXQ/THSK/DBSK, KNK members Inseong and Youjin really did well =)

  2. funny that I learned Korean just to be closer to these boys and understand them and be able to talk to them… now I fell for their Japanese songs… I think I should start Japanese XD

  3. Bolero the first ballad song that i watched everyday and i still get goosebumps till this day. This group is really giving me dbsk vibes T.T my heart can't take it. Their voices just as heavenly. And to think they are sooo young!!

  4. I think this is a huge opportunity for them to re-boot. I hope the 4 heroes find a new agency to nurture their amazing talents and help them rise again. I hope Youjin makes a complete recovery and has a second chance too. This is much better than them moldering away at their old company. KNK fighting ::)))))))

  5. This song made me cry ? ?
    The ending lyric “This is the place where you belong” It’s like KNK saying welcome to our family

  6. I miss KNK so much ㅠㅠ but every time i feel better after watch their video .We will wait you ~~

    This cover ♡ is one of my favourite

  7. I find it really amazing that knk can actually make tvxq covers
    Especially of their two hardest songs, Bolero and Love In The Ice
    Like next generation vocal kings

  8. 東方神起の歌じゃん!苦(*ノω・*)

  9. English translation is up! I hope anyone who is visiting KNK's cover of DBSK/THSK's Bolero will have a sense of healing like I did.

  10. AHAHAHAH this is really funny I just had a whole thing with MIXNINE and KNK's original cover of Love in the Ice XDXD

    I love that there's a group that recognizes some OG masterpieces and has what it takes to live up to them

    ?? this is so approved

  11. Wow I thought this is the best bolero cover I heard, the emotion was not as good as tohoshinki but they were able to sing it very well, thanks for covering the bolero song and singing it very well

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