Song: Maurice Ravel – Bolero ( Legion version: )


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44 Replies to “Legion – Bolero Sequence – Chapter 7”

  1. One of the finest underrated sequences in TV history. This whole segment is gorgeous and it cements Aubrey Plaza as the love of my f-ing life.

  2. The first season was good, the second season started so weird that I can not pass the first episode, it seems super boring.

  3. This is for all those who wanted to escape back into a reality led life, from a mental agency when they were stuck there for BS reasons

  4. Imagine that this scene wasn't even in the script in the beginning. Whoever wrote this as well filmed this is a GENIUS. For this segment alone, this series deserves all kinds of Emmys.

  5. I love this sequence! Oliver is a badass cool ass hell god weaving reality! I can't wait to see more of him in season 2. I first noticed his work when he voiced Fart in Rick and Morty, love his singing voice as well. look up rick and morty moonmen.

  6. pure art pure technique. brilliant
    saf sanat saf teknik. dahice

    ayrıca bir türkün bunu paylaşmış olması da ayrı hoşuma gitti 🙂

  7. Euuuuuh ! Bon ! Je ne vais pas m'énerver ! Je vais partir !
    Mais c'est quoi cette version de merde du boléro ? C'EST QUOI CETTE PUTAIN DE BORDEL DE MERDE DE VERSION DE MERDE ? C'EST QUOI PUTAIN ?
    MmMmMmMmmmm…….c'est bon je me calme et surtout je me casse !
    Salut ! Et à jamais !

  8. I think it's really interesting how in the scene Oliver is conducting with a toothpick, as Valery Gergiev did in his conducting of the same song, Bolero.

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