2 eme partie du boléro dansé par Elisabeth Ros et Octavio Stanley

source: https://dahek.net

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39 Replies to “Maurice Bejart- bolero de ravel( last part)”

  1. first ever dance I ever performed..I was 19. then at 45 I tried again..and I discovered that was the best sublime work out ever …

  2. These wonderful dancers are magnificent; and, I’ve always loved this piece. I loved Jorge Donn as well …. to me , he became animal-like ; you saw it in his eyes , his torso and how he progressively redefined the space around him ; first delicately as if encompassed in an atom ; then gradually expanding to a space without limits.

  3. J'ai eu le bonheur de voir le boléro dansé par 3 fois, 3 versions différentes; Hommes; Femmes; mixte. Ce montage donne une valeur différente et symbolique à l'oeuvre de Maurice Béjart.

  4. What's a stupid director of photography or editor! I've never seen the whole picture. Only fragments. Nevertheless the choreography is genius. 

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