0:06 Snare Drum
0:17 Flute
1:00 Clarinet
1:44 Bassoon
2:28 E flat Clarinet
3:12 English Horn
3:57 Muted Trumpet and Flute
4:41 Tenor Saxophone
5:26 Soprano Saxophone
6:11 French Horn and Celeste
6:56 Woodwinds
7:41 Trombone
9:10 Violins
Andrzej Kucybała – conductor
Stanisław Moniuszko School of Music Orchestra in Bielsko Biała, Poland
La Folle Journee de Varsovie
recorded at Polish National Opera in Warsaw, October 01, 2017

source: https://dahek.net

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32 Replies to “Maurice Ravel – Bolero ボレロ (ラヴェル) 볼레로 (라벨) 波麗露 (拉威爾) मौरिस रवेल – बोलेरो”

  1. I can't concentrate that long to play the snare without making a single mistake. I'd be changing my pants at the end of this price if I was him!

  2. The issue for the drummer is not playing the same rhythm for 15 minutes.
    The issue is playing the soft notes evenly and on time in the beginning.
    Any stress, any tension, and the whole thing can go down the tubes.
    It has happened many times that the drummer would freeze and walk away at the start of the performance.
    That’s why some cheap drummers would hold the stick with the whole hand like a hammer (chocking the sound) to avoid trembling and then switch to a normal grip when the volume increases.
    This guy held the sticks properly from the beginning.

  3. I think this fabulous music couldn't support a bad, or even a middle quality sound… it comes from the brain and feelings from musicians and from the place… In the end of this master inerpretation, we discover it is also a great place… Where is it.

  4. Smart decision on keeping the snare in front. Keeps him more in tempo with the conductor. If he was in the back with the rest of the percussion he would be slightly behind which would also mean the rest of the band would be slightly behind.

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