The song that plays in the closing credits of Moulin Rouge. 🙂


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32 Replies to “Moulin Rouge Closing Credits (Bolero)”

  1. I was listening to this on my way to my first day at film school. I love listening to OSTs. Now, almost ten years later (three days ago, to be exact) I live "premiered" my first award winning musical short film (yes, still only a short film, after many years of being a short filmmaker, music video producer-director, and teacher)… Life is only one, guys, follow your dreams, turn them into projects and work hard for those. It'll be painful as hell… they might not come as you thought, but, again, life is only one (at least you are) so start now.

  2. Every Change
    0:53 So pretty
    1:17 – Slow, nice, calming
    1:43 – More poetic
    2:02 – More serious
    2:26 – A tad more elegant
    2:48 A tad faster and loud
    3:08 ominous
    3:27 Slower, yet ominous
    3:45 Faster and Beepy
    4:02 Ominous
    4:26 Transition
    4:34 Claming
    4:42 transition
    4:58 Transition
    5:06 Faster, Happier, Elegant
    5:20 Elegant
    5:28 Faster, Happier
    5:43 Faster
    5:56 Calming, Bagpipe, Sad
    6:34 Upbeat, but still a tad sad
    6:55 Louder Transition
    7:09 Faster, Louder
    7:23 A Finale
    7:46 Sad, Spooky
    8:06 Happy, yet sad, angelic

    I made this for a guide for me, you can use this though.

    My maccaroni is getting cold while writing this….screee.

  3. Had to look up Stoya, since it seems almost everyone in the comments is talking about it.
    Still don't understand why people are making such a big deal about it but alright.

  4. Debo confesar que no vi la pelicula en el cine,no me parecio atractiva y tampoco sabia muy bien de que se trataba,la compre de casualidad en una oferta de supermercado.Cuando la vi quede gusto la historia y demas,este tema del final es muy bueno y agradable de escuchar….Lo recomiendo,saludos a todos

  5. I'm a Southampton fan who discovered this song at the cottage yesterday. Absolute tune makes me think of Victorian London (industrial revolution ect) it fits so well with the old school vibe of the stand alongside the road. Felt like i was back in the 1800's! love it!

  6. It's incredible. And to think the most successful theme in the movie was "Creolle Lady Marmalade". What a mistake. This was it. I realized at the theater. It's got such depth.

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