Thick black smoke filled the air as a World War II bomber went down in flames Wednesday morning in Connecticut. The vintage B-17 crashed at Bradley Airport outside Hartford. There were 13 passengers on board Wednesday when the plane ran into trouble shortly after takeoff. Eyewitnesses say the plane was flying very low as it circled back around the airport. They say one of the engines appeared to have stalled. The plane landed hard, crashing into a de-icing tank.


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39 Replies to “Multiple Dead After WWII B-17 Plane Goes Down in Flames”

  1. I remember smelling and seeing smoke in the air we heard the collision hit the ground and felt it it felt like a mini earthquake and we had to stay inside school because they thought it was a gun we live far from Hartford but still got small effects from it there was a lot of traffic

  2. At first I said pilot error, and most times with these old warbirds that crash it has been. But I’m not so sure this time.

    After reading into it more, looking at the flight path, ATC coms and chewing over what could go wrong; I think it was more due to the ground crew who does detailed inspections. The guys who examine critical components internally, the airframe, guy’s who service it.

    They perhaps didn’t do a thorough enough job as you should on an almost 80 year old aircraft. Even thinking to my own experience with a less severe somewhat similar experience.

    I own a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle that when I got it had 80% original critical parts. Engine, trans, joints steering suspension etc. It wasn’t in pristine condition but it was mint. Never had an issue for 3 years. Even though I gave it a thorough once over every other day before driving, I got sloppy one day and didn’t check one thing I usually check before going on a 2 hour road trip on the highway.

    Well I usually really get under the hood checking for leaks of any kind, fluid levels etc before long trips but this time instead I just looked over the car opened the hood and I almost went to check the oil but I got lazy because I didn’t have a rag and said, “I’m sure it’s fine”. Closed it and started off.

    Well about 35 minutes into my ride of going 70-75 for about 70% of that time I started losing power, I pressed harder and it just dropped from 75 to 50 to 30 real quick then just stopped. Well after coasting to a stop I got out checked my oil. It was BONE dry. Not a drop. I burnt up my engine that for 3 years never showed a sign of age, even having a full fluid level the day prior.

    Excuse the length of this story, and no it wasn’t as serious or unforgiving as flying an aircraft at altitudes. But it’s an example of how letting your guard down just one time and not being 100% anal about everything. One original component can break then a catastrophic failure.

  3. Title is misleading, did not “GO DOWN IN FLAMES”

    I call for operator error. That plane is more than capable of flying on 3 engines. Pilots, know your aircraft and its limitations. No excuses for this

  4. Did someone top her off with Jet A instead of 100 LL it should have flown on 3 engines no problem but all 4 no power something is not good here …4 prat Whitney R 1690 engines tough as nails … and for all four to lose power something sure stinks here

  5. This was the airport 1 hour away from my house. It's scary to think if I didn't go to New York that day I would have been there. Rest in Peace those who passed, and a safe & quick recovery to those who were injured.

  6. Someone needs to salvage some of the pieces of the plane and put them in a museum. People In the future need to know about this horrible tragedy that happened.

  7. To Answer all the “Aeronautical Experts” In the comments, this is the mostly likely reason it crashed.

    The B17 has piston radial engines that use gasoline as a fuel. In the crash there was a fire that produced thick black smoke. This doesn’t make sense as gasoline burns grey. The smoke here is black which means that there is jet fuel burning. Piston engines can only run on jet fuel for only a few minutes before losing power and stalling.

    Basically it crashed because some idiot put Jet A in the fuel tanks.

    This plane did not crash because it was old

  8. Just be happy it didn’t hit the huge ass parking lot filled with cars like 200 feet away

    Edit: after reading the comment back it wasn’t really clear that I meant that because if it did a huge explosion would of happened and more could of died and it would have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage

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