This is on my work computer with a Asus P6T Deluxe socket 1366 motherboard. It originally had a Core i7 920 CPU overclocked to 3.5Ghz. That is a 4 core CPU. The Xeon x5670 is a 6 Core CPU that at stock speed runs at 2.93Ghz. I overclock it to 4GHz.


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26 Replies to “Overclocking a Xeon x5670 CPU to 4GHz”

  1. Yes. It is still relevant. Recently my MSI Big Bang x58 motherboard died on me. Got Asus P6TD-E MB for second hand last two days ago with X5670 CPU included. So search Google for overclocking and that what brought me here.

  2. Have a hpz800 right now with dual x5670 I'm pretty sure I can't overclock on this board is there any tips on what prebuilds I can buy that can overclock this cpu? I'm no super computer tech so if I buy a motherboard I might not know how to build it. My main purpose is gaming, thank you I appreciate your help.

  3. I'm running my Xeon X5670 @4,56Ghz stable with Mac OS X 10.14.5 (Mojave). Geekbench3 scores about 21000pts. This old 6 core CPU is still great and quite capable, it's an overclocking beast.
    My motherboard is Gigabyte X58A-UD7 rev.1 with 24Gb DDR3 1600. Also Cinebench scores over 1000, not bad for a nearly 10yo machine…..

  4. thanks Michael for doing this video.
    I have a X58 Mobo that I just cleaned up took out the i7-920 dropped in the X5670 and then the headaches started when trying to get anything stable Lol. So I will definitely be trying this 🙂

  5. 848pts is a nice score it is actually higher then a stock 4770k, I had a 4770k and with a 4.1Ghz OC (couldnt OC it further) I managed to get about 840 pts. I just bought a cheap PC with the same configuration as you and I want to stick a xeon it and OC it a bit to see what I can get from it. Is ist any diffrence between x5650, 5670, x5680 etc other then the core speed?

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