Find out how to stitch together individual images to build a complete 360-degree composite panorama in this tutorial. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the Shooting and Processing Panoramas course presented by author Rich Harrington. The complete course is 3 hours and 48 minutes and shows how to turn a series of separate shots into beautiful seamless panoramic photos.

1. What Is Panoramic Photography?
2. Technical Essentials
3. Equipment: What You’ll Need and What You Might Want
4. Choosing a Shooting Format
5. Shooting Strategies for Panoramic Photography
6. Shooting with the GigaPan System
7. Shooting HDR Panoramas
8. Alternative Shooting Styles for Panoramic Photography
9. Managing Data from a Panoramic Photography Shoot
10. Organizing the Images for Post
11. Developing Panoramic Photographs with Adobe Camera Raw
12. Assembling Panoramas with Adobe Photoshop
13. Finalizing Panoramas
14. Outputting the Panoramic Photos


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34 Replies to “Photography tutorial: Merging the 360-degree panoramic photo |”

  1. Just in case other people can't find the link to download the action, search '360-degree panoramic photo richard harrington' in google and it was the top link for me.

  2. what do i need to change to this when trying to stitch together drone pictures? I have around 24 of them but it looks all distorted and not the way yours does? Thank you

  3. Hey! Great video, and thanks for the tutorial!
    Quick question – if we had top and bottom included, would the 'photomerge' button figure out the top and bottom?

  4. Very useful. Thank you for posting this. Also read through your website and am using the Photoshop action. Works great – thanks!

  5. Hey. 🙂
    thanks for the video.. 🙂
    Just wondering what kinda PS u re using .. I am using a old one where u can totally forget using panoramas… (thats y I used PTGui until now- but my computer crashed today and it does not seem to remember my id (purchaced a year ago or so) any more)
    I m wondering If i should rather purchasing ptgui again or simply upgrade ps.
    I dont really like the idea of having ps cc … (i dont like clouds.. lol )

    Sooo back to my question.. does ps 6 have the option to make a good 360×180 panorama? (lets say i have got 20-40 pics and 5 Layers. will photoshop be able to do it?)

  6. i want to know the process after photoshop , how it should be done on windows 7 and what software should i use to make a 360 look.

  7. thanks for the tutorial. is there a reason why after running the Action I get a vertical blank space in the middle of the image?

  8. Hi, Thank you for the tutorial. I have only one trouble. I clicked a 360 image indoor and now when click on photomerge. It merges the image in 3 parts 2 images on top, 2 in the bottom and rest in the middle. It is happening everytime. Can you please tell me what can I do to fix this?

  9. Hi thank you for making this video it is really helpful! I was wondering f you knew how i would go about making a google street view style 360 video that i can not only pan around in but can also just to another point in the same image?

  10. does someone know how to merge photos(actually textures) eported from sketchup?
    i'd like to apply a single image on a terrain in Unity3D

  11. Hi! Thanks for this tutorial. Really helps a lot with my Btech photography project!
    Which is the best stitching software for 360 degree pano? Is it this Pano2VR, or PTGui? Need the best quality possible. And what lens were those images shot with? Thanks a lot*

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