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The great thing about PowerPoint is that pretty much everyone with a PC has it, so most people have used it in the past, which makes it extremely user-friendly, as there is actually no learning curve to it.

In this tutorial, you will discover a very simple, beginner friendly way to create professional explainer animations from scratch using only PowerPoint and GIF animations, without the need of any graphic design or animation skills or experience.

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36 Replies to “PowerPoint Explainer Animation Guide for Beginners”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the awesome guide. As someone who likes to produce creative slides, this was a huge help! Some friendly advice: I checked out your website to pick up a few free animations. I considered picking up a few premium ones as well, but I decided against it because your website was just too slow! I don't know what the issue is, but for some reason your website took YEARS to load the smallest thing. It that issue was fixed, you'd probably get a lot more buyers 🙂 Sincerely Alex from Tokyo.

  2. Hi , This is nice video, Thanks for sharing. I liked it the way you present and it's easy to understand. This is the ultimate place some one looking to excel in powerpoint and helps me as well. I was looking for tutorials to create scenarios using eLearning tools as i am a newbie to eLearning course design. Could you please make such kind of tutorials on tools like Articulate storyline and Captivate?
    Here is one such video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQTKd_jzar4&list=PLmCJa4PzBNG3DV44YBCq5vbbN-mNqifZc&index=3&t=0s

  3. Hi Eduard, thanks for great tutorial. Can you please dedicate some time to help my as a MAC user? You mention it in the video – that you will come back to it, but there's no other mention. How can the export with audio can be done using Keynote? Or any other way? Thanks.

  4. I saw an interview with the creator of the term .GIF and he said it's pronounced JIFF. In forums, you can tell people that and they still argue it's .GIF like the g in go, not .Gif like the g in generic. The population votes for hard g gif, the creator says it's soft g gif. You cannot win. Heh.

  5. Great work 👍I create animated videos on power point. Have learned from you a lot. Check out my channel. Hope you will like my work it's just the start. Need everyone's support 😊
    Channel Name: Creative Learning

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