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22 Replies to “Powerpoint Template Free Download by One Skill”

  1. thank you very much, i am from Vietnam, i have learn many things from you, it make me knowleagh and some chances

  2. Can you please tell me how to make the first slide?? Specially how the slides in the background are moving like that

  3. I am very need maps for my presentation, but your template is rescue me!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much PowerPoint wizard!

  4. Hey just started watching your tutorials and LOVE THEM !!!!! I tried to download the slide builder template but no matter how I try to get to the site to download it says "site can't be reached" I'm so bummed. Is there another way to get this????

  5. Thanks (again!) for another useful tutorial;

    You manage to always focus on the most relevant tools,
    without forgetting to show the details of how it can work in our favor.
    Customization becomes very efficient, thanks to your tips.

    Good vibes to your GPS coordinates
    & keep sharing your awesome work.

  6. PS: "maps" slide was an awesome feature. Pictures quality could be better, though.
    Keep your Coolness up.

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