Powerpoint allows to create pretty decent animated videos, it’s easier to use than most specialized software and the productivity is quite high. It’s possible to create one video per day from scratch.
Here is the full course 👉 . There are YouTube channels with millions of subscribers that have their videos created with Powerpoint. You also find powerpoint video used in Online Courses and Business Marketing material.

In general, it’s a very good skill to have. If you master it, you can quickly create informative/educational videos on any topic.

But the most important is to create great design, and use animations and transitions in such a way that everything looks like a REAL VIDEO, and not a typical powerpoint presentation.

Full course here 👉

Many people were asking how I create my videos, that’s why I created this course. Most of my videos here on YouTube and on Udemy are done this way, with Powerpoint. So if you’re wondering whether you can create a content business by using powerpoint extensively, the answer is YES! 😉

Also available on Skillshare 👉

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18 Replies to “Powerpoint Video : How to create Animated Videos with Powerpoint”

  1. Nice. Don’t wait anymore

    Make Explainer Videos With Innovation. You can visit our YouTube Channel for more videos.


  2. Really great course!!! thank you
    (just stop saying 'make it beautiful' all the time. you can diverse it a little with 'make it prettier' etc.)

  3. I purchased this course, after watching this vid…

    Absolutely zero disappointment.

    In fact, it's so amazing, I've already recommended it to at least 2 friends!!

    Thank you for your amazing teaching style, and beyond competent course


  4. Bonjour votre formation PowerPoint m'intéresse beaucoup, par contre dans l'introduction vous dites que ce n'est pas aussi puissant que les logiciels d'animation 2D , vous auriez des exemples ? Car j'en cherche un en plus de PowerPoint

  5. Any 100% coupon?😅
    I've already taken your class in udemy. I'm also a big fan of you. Because your information you present is really edible for me! 😁

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