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24 Replies to “Ravel – Bolero (Scrolling Score)”

  1. I know people are joking about the percussionist (it is funny), but, speaking as a percussionist myself, this is actually a very, very difficult piece of music to play for the percussionist. Imagine having to play the same rhythm for 18 minutes, all the while making it a perfectly even crescendo, all played with painstaking consistency. That is really difficult.

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  3. 7:50

    Ravel: *yeets functional harmony out the window* HERE HAVE A DOMINANT SEVENTH PARALLEL HARMONY FOR 18 MEASURES!


  4. I am so happy that I can uderstand these complex orchestrashions. I am truly the greates huaman being on Erath. Don't @ me mortls.

  5. This Boléro is entertainly repetitive. I really like this specific art of crecendo counterpoint.
    I'm proud to be french !

  6. Lyrics:
    Bum. Badaba Bum.badabadaba Bum.badabada bum badaba bum dabada bum badaba bum. Badaba Bum badaba bum badaba bum badadabum badada bum bum badada bum×1 fucking million

  7. Why did you delete comment? I speak your language. Weird. Você não fala Português., but I know speak in English. Wierd.

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